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Entrance Fee System

  • Based on ground-breaking provincial laws, with agreement of PHKA (Dept of Nature Conservation)
  • Fees reflect value of resource to user (willingness to pay)
  • Designed with aspirations of tourism sector:
    • Practical and efficient system that does not inconvenience visitors, dive operators, or patrol team.
    • No per dive/ala carte charges – one time fee!
    • Revenues must remain with the park for local conservation programs
  • Dual system
    • Foreign guests (numbered plastic tags): Rp 150,000/year (~$15)
    • Local guests (ticket) Rp 2500/trip (~$.25)
  • Distribution of entrance fee revenues
    • 80% BNPMAB–specifically for Bunaken conservation programs
    • 20% local government – North Sulawesi, Minahasa district, Manado city, Jakarta
  • Soft opening on 15 March 2001 – with auction
  • Fully operational by 3 May 2001 after extensive socialization to tourism sector (meetings, articles, FAQ sheets, announcements, billboards).
  • Entrance gates, patrol system to check compliance.
  • In first year, collected ~$42,000 from 5194 foreign visitors and 9872 local visitors.
  • In 2002, increased entrance fee from Rp 75,000/year to Rp 150,000/year
  • Added one-day ticket for foreigners (~$7.5/day)
  • Almost tripled the proceeds from 2001 with 2002 revenues of $109,305.

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Entrance Fee System Summary